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A FULLER-BUSTED woman has tried Kendall Jenner's bikini hack that shocked her over how well it worked to lift and support her chest.

She shared the quick hack with viewers, testing the swimsuit trick on a bigger bust.

TikTok creator Lara Miller Rosenthal is the founder of the movement called the Big Boobie Bible, which is an online community filled with reviews and recommendations for bigger-busted ladies.

In one video, Rosenthal tests out a front-tie bikini hack that was popularized by none other than reality television star and renowned model, Kendall Jenner.

The look is meant to amplify the basic string bikini and lift and emphasize the chest region, even if you have small breasts.

Jenner herself may not be on the large-chested side, so Rosenthal tested out the celeb's trick on a woman with a much larger bust to see if it still looked as good on her curvy body shape.


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The supermodel's bikini-tying trick has been trending on TikTok for months with many people sharing their takes on the style, including the Big Boobie Bible founder.

"Let's see if this hack works on a bigger bust," she says at the start of the video.

In order for the fashion hack to work, you first need to start with a halter-neck bikini that already fits well.

Rosenthal uses a cheetah print string swim look as an example before she walks viewers through the steps necessary to complete the look.

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The first two steps are to separate the triangles of the bikini, and then make them wide enough to be placed backward over your shoulders.

The last step is to tie the two hanging pieces together to create a chic front tie that takes any bust size up a notch.

According to Rosenthal, the tip is "big boobie approved."

The video ends with Rosenthal smiling and posing in front of the camera as her chest is on full display.

Many people praised the digital creator for how well she showcased the fashionable look.

"Exquisite performance, amazing knowledge, thoroughly explained, 100/100 Lively execution…approved," one viewer commented.

"Fantastic gameplan and execution. 100% approved," another added.

"Thank you, I needed this," another shared.

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