I live in freezing Scotland and still haven’t turned my heating on but have a £4 hack that keeps your house warmer | The Sun

WITH the weather getting much colder we’re all trying our best to stay warm without breaking the bank.

Now more than ever it's essential all heat stays in your home, keeping you warm. 

A TikTok user online has shared a hack for keeping warmth inside the house whilst living in freezing cold Scotland.

Cal runs the TikTok account Chilliboxface shared with their method.

In a video online Cal said: “If you're not going to have your heating on this winter I have a tip for you.”

“I live in Scotland where it currently zero to two degrees and we haven't had the heating on yet.”

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Cal uses poly cotton fabric to keep heat in.

Cal said: “Get yourself some poly cotton. It works best with some cable hooks, I got mine on Amazon for like £4-£5. 20 meters of the cable and it came with the hooks.”

“Attach the hook in the top coroner and just hang it in the window like a blind. You will end with something like this before you draw the curtains.”

“It’s a lot like having a net curtain back in the day. What it does is it creates an extra layer of protection between your window and your living space.”

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Cal said: “And you're not losing all of the heat you generate inside the space through the glass."

“Neither are you getting the really harsh cold coming into the room through the glass.”

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Cal says this adds insulation and doesn't damage your windows.

“It’s a very cheap very easy way to sort of add extra insulation also we’re renters and we haven't caused any damage by putting them up.”

Cal also said: “You might need to remove condensation some mornings from the windows if you use this method. We wipe it down with a towel every few days when we see it. Stay safe!”

Cal also shared another tip in a follow up video saying they also put curtains over the front door to stop cold air coming in.

The video now has over 50,00 views.

Viewers were very impressed.

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One commmenter said: “Having candles lit in a room can also heat it up a little.”

Another said: “I do this and it’s amazing how effective it is!”

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