I have LESS wrinkles at 46 than I did 12 years ago – people think I’ve had Botox but I have another secret | The Sun

ANTI-WRINKLE measures can include anything from a strict skincare routine to avoiding facial expressions altogether.

You can now rest easy with an over-night anti-aging product, and it isn't a cream.

Instagram user Olga, who runs the Natural Face Bible, shared a handy item which will leave your forehead wrinkle free.

Olga demonstrated how to apply Japanese face tape to your forehead as part of your nightly skincare routine.

The tape is designed to mimic the elasticity of skin and works by lifting the skin, creating space for better circulation, and allowing tissues to decompress.

Olga recommends pairing the taping method with facial massages as it prolongs the effect.

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The skincare expert advises massaging and moisturizing the targeted area before applying the tape for 4-8 hours.

"I really formed visible forehead lines back in my late 20s and early 30s, but after I turned 40, I really started to get bothered by it," explained Olga.

She continued: "That's when I began searching for natural, holistic approach to beauty and aging."

The facial tape is available to purchase on Olga's online shop, The Natural Faces, for $28.

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Olga's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the anti-aging hack.

"I can't believe the difference this makes! Combining face taping with face yoga and massage, and I literally look like I've had Botox," wrote one user.

Another person said: " I do this and it is incredible! Works after just a few days but you need to keep doing it."

"Works so well! I started doing this thanks to you!" wrote one follower.

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