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A HOSEPIPE ban is on the verge of being announced, so you may want to get your garden in order before then.

Luckily, a gardening expert has revealed the jobs you need to focus on before it comes in place.

Chris Bonnett, founder and CEO of Gardening Express said irrigating and managing heat stress are some of the most difficult challenges gardeners face in this heat.

First, make sure you are watering your plants early in the morning so that they can absorb as much water as they can before the sun dries it up.

In high temperatures, it's best to soak the soil thoroughly so plant roots can draw up water from deep soil, reports the Express.

The gardening expert revealed this will also help plants become more resistant in hot weather as the roots work to go deeper into the soil.


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It's also a good idea to invest in a soaker hose if you don't have the time to go out and water your plants every day before the hosepipe ban begins.

This will slowly seep water into the plants' soil and not waste any water as it comes out slower than using a regular hosepipe head.

Preserving water is also vital during a hosepipe ban says the gardening expert.

Use mulch, a mix of chipping bark, to help lock moisture into the soil by placing it around your plants and to keep roots cool.

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For hanging plants and planters, place a large saucer underneath and fill with water so that plans can draw up water when they need it.

Chris recommends only doing this during hot weather as it can cause root rot in lower temperatures.

For baskets, include an ice cream tub (without holes in it!) in the bottom of the basket when planting.

Fill and cover with compost and plant up the basket in the normal way, this will then fill up with water and act like an internal reservoir for the plants in hot conditions.

Potted plants also need some TLC in the weather, use lighter coloured pots as darker ones absorb heat and can fry your plants' roots.

Also, think about providing your plants with shade to protect them from the sun's most powerful UV rays.

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You can use a light-coloured, lightweight material hung above your plants or a parasol from your garden furniture to keep them happy.

Lastly, you should think twice before trying to give your plants any feed during the summer months as this can just cause additional stress to them.

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