I live in a converted van – my bills are so low I only work 6 days a month, but there's no space for a basic essential | The Sun

WITH the costs of living increasing, many people have opted for less traditional homes.

A van dweller shared that he only works six days each month, but detailed the drawbacks to his lifestyle.

In his video, the TikToker, known as Indi Van A Jones (@indi_van_a_jones), explained: "I only have to work six days a month and I live completely rent-free, bill-free near enough.

"That’s because I live in a camper van, it’s a van that I converted over time into a camper van."

He continued: "It highly suits my lifestyle to be fair because I love to go out in the mountains and get lost up in the hills, I love all that.

"So I decided to live in there, which then reduced my monthly outgoings to nearly next to nothing."

This allows him a "small bit of money" for expenses such as fuel, food, and amenities.

He told his followers that he also maintained his savings in case of emergency.

Despite the low cost of living, van life doesn't come without its challenges, according to the TikTok user.

In a second clip, he outlined some of the issues he encounters with his van.

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While he described his tiny home on wheels as "spacious enough," the coach driver pointed out some of the limitations of the space.

After converting the VW Crafter, he realized that adding extra windows for light prevented him from being able to include certain features.

One essential he has to make do without is a cubicle shower, which he is now considering including in a renovation project.

He explained: "I’m looking at a future upgrade and I want to fit a shower cubicle but I can’t put [it behind the front seats], which is sort of the traditional place to go, because I’ve got a window just there."

The van owner is now forced to place the shower towards the back of his van.

"I’m going to have to be creative and maybe put it here but then that’s going to eliminate this single bed that I’ve got just here," he said, pointing out the area.

He also revealed that he can't make the most of the front seats as only one company is able to place them on a swivel for use in his living area as well.

"They can name their price at $800 just to swivel those seats," he explained.

He also shared his regret at not adding more sockets near his bed and also criticized the ceiling in his van.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on van life.

"Nice that you can work to live how you choose, not live just to work," wrote one viewer.

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Another impressed follower said the van dweller was "living the dream."

"Work 20 days a month, prepare for old age. Can’t live in a tin can forever! It’s not a flex," commented a third person.

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