I live on a boat – there's eight things people don't tell you, we ration drinking water and showers can be dangerous | The Sun

A STUDENT has revealed the things that surprise people most about his life on a boat.

Vinesto (@vinestomusic) gave his over 9,000 TikTok followers a tour of his boat as he picked out things that they would least likely expect it to have.

The Londoner spends his summers living on the boat and the rest of the year in a house while studying at university.

He spoke candidly about the pros and cons, saying: “Here are some things you may not know about what it’s like to live on a boat.

“Every single door and I mean every single door has one of these latches so that they don’t bang, including the shower door.”

Vinesto showed hooks attached to the top of each door in the boat which latch onto the wall once opened.

Showing a single bunk bed, he said: “I sleep in here and this is an empty bed.

“And my windows are right here so whenever it rains this is dangerous."

The student showed how easy it is for his bedding to get wet when it rains because of the low window position.

He continued: “We have to ration food, water, and energy. Especially drinking water.”

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He revealed the bathroom is set up in a much more complicated way than in a regular house.

Vinesto said: “When it comes to the toilet there are two buttons. There is a before use and after use.

“The shower has a little sit-down place, so you don’t fall and smash your head.”

Showing the kitchen, he continued: “There are lots of handles everywhere so that if it’s a storm you can hold on.

“All the glasses are protected so that they don’t smash while we’re moving.

“There are also no sharp corners so when it’s storming you can’t hurt yourself.”

Vinesto revealed that he can adjust quickly between living in a house and on the water but his brain sometimes thinks he’s feeling waves when he isn’t.

His video has been watched over 1.5m times with commenters eager to see more of his boat.

One person commented: “Honestly a seat in the shower is the way to live life! [laughing] I am including one in my bathroom renovation for sure!”

Another wrote: “Damn I kinda want a boat now.”

A third said: “Ration drinking water? Immediately no, I drink like a fish.”

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A fourth wrote: “This is a fancy boat, man. Buttons for the toilet? What luxury!”

Another added: “I’m so jealous, I would love boat life.”

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