I’m fat and if you have rolls like me then you need to follow my 5 hygiene tips to stop smelling so bad | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has revealed her top tips to stay on top of her hygiene and prevent bad body odour. 

Colleen Marie took to her social media account to speak out in a video, which she titled: “Hygiene tips from a fat girl”. 

Dressed in a white vest top with her blonde mane styled straight down, she said: “Now, if you’re a person who has rolls or doesn’t feel like you’re clean in certain areas…

“Let me tell you about antibacterial soap. Using this soap has created such a huge difference in my life overall.” 

Colleen explained that while the soap is amazing, the trick is in how you use it to get the best results. 

She said: “When you’re showering, make sure every single time that you use antibacterial soap… If you use a loofah or a washcloth, change out those things every single time.”

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The woman went on to advise people to have a different washcloth for different parts of your body. 

TikTok user @colleenmrg continued: “Since I started using antibacterial soap on my rolls and my underarms… I have noticed that it doesn’t have the odour that it used to anymore.” 

Colleen said she’s not afraid to say it as it is because some “people don’t know”. 

“This is why I’m here to tell you as a bigger girl who has experienced a lot of these things and felt embarrassed about these things,” she said. 

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“This is why I’m telling you – to show you that you are not alone when it comes to situations like this.”

Her next tip was to use Gold Bond Clear Body Spray or the No Mess Body Powder for “every single roll that you have”. 

She said learning about the powder has been a life changer for her. 

Colleen also recommended using rash cream on any part of the body that you experience chafing. 

She said: “The key is, say it’s underneath your boob or right between your thighs where your bikini line is. 

“Don’t put anything on yet. I’m being so vulnerable with you guys, like when I say I spray starfish I do.

“Because to me, if I put on underwear it’s going to soak up all that and it’s not going to be effective.” 

Her final tip is to get baby wipes with no scent to use when you’re feeling sweaty and smelly while out on a hot day. 

“Some tips I have learned over the years,” she wrote in the caption.

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “Dove antibacterial body wash is a life changer!” 

Another shared: “I was embarrassed when under my lower belly it started getting hot, and I end up getting a rash. Dial gold antibacterial soap has changed my life”. 

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And a third added: “ive been using antibacterial soap for months and ive noticed that my skin is so much softer and i feel so much cleaner.” 

Meanwhile, a pharmacist has revealed the five worrying body odours – and what they say about your health.

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