I looked behind my fireplace mantel – it has been in place for 128 years, I found a ‘treasure trove’ of secrets | The Sun

A MAN has shared a recent discovery in his historic home right behind his 128-year-old fireplace mantle.

He shared on TikTok their unique find full of a "treasure trove" of secrets.

Illusionists Ted and Marion Outerbridge (@thekeyholehouse) share on TikTok many of the secrets of their historic home, dubbed The Keyhole House.

Located in Smith Falls, Ontario, the 19th-century home contains many stories within its walls, and the duo helps bring them to light.

In a TikTok video, Ted revealed what they found nestled behind the home's fireplace mantel.

"We discovered a treasure trove of artifacts behind our 1893 fireplace mantel!" the video's caption read.

The pair weren't visible on camera, but Ted narrated the interaction.

When the video began, Ted said that they unscrewed two screws that had held the fireplace mantle to the wall.

After pulling it back and seeing what was behind, they showed that there was a plethora of random items.

"Incredibly array of artifacts, bingo cards," he said.

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There were signed documents from previous tenants, a Dick Brodowski baseball card from 1956, several old family photographs, keys, and more.

"It just goes on and on," the content creator said as the video came to a close.

Many people were so excited about the hidden treasure.

"This is just mind-blowing!! One of my lifetime dreams is finding something like this lol," a viewer commented.

"I'm thinking of the families ripping the house apart and arguing about who lost it trying to find some of those things," another wrote.

"THIS is why I want an old house so badly," a fan shared.

"What a dream!" another praised.

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