I only buy thong bikinis – trying to find a family-friendly look is a nightmare, mine are 'practically dental floss' | The Sun

A WOMAN has despaired at her bikini collection because it features only skimpy two-pieces.

She has discovered that a thong bikini is not very appropriate for family gatherings.

Therefore she is at a loss to know what to do because she has very little choice from her thong collection.

But Sarah's (@sarahashbourne) anguish was short-lived.

This Canadian content creator could see the light-hearted side of things.

Her TikTok is populated with videos that feature her travels, fashion, hair, and beauty.

She likes to make uplifting affirmations for her followers too.

“We’re channeling the utmost self-confidence ladies," she wrote.

"Nothing less. You can do anything.”

Her thong fest did present her with a problem, however.

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Sarah was sitting on her bed in her post, surrounded by a pile of skimpy bikini bottoms.

There were blues, pinks, greens, and multi-patterned and multi-colored ones.

She held up just a few of them to illustrate her dilemma.

“Trying to find a family-friendly bikini when you exclusively buy thongs," she wailed.

She had her work cut out, demonstrated perfectly by her description of one of them.

“The last one is practically dental floss," she said.

One commenter to her post clearly appreciated her collection. “Lol,” they said.

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