I'm a 'fat babe' – plus-size women should still wear bikinis, I don't care if my body annoys people at the beach | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman has been described as "iconic" after insisting that "fat babes" should wear bikinis.

She said if anyone takes umbrage she couldn't care less.

Their annoyance is their problem and most certainly not hers.

Meagan Nicole (@meagannicoledame) uses her TikTok to celebrate “plus-size life.”

With over 49,000 followers and another 374,000 likes, there is a lot of interest in her posts about “Fat liberation.”

Meagan oozes body confidence, and it has inspired her followers.

You will not find this lady hiding her assets under a bushel.

Since 2020, she has found success as a boudoir model.

Putting on a bikini is another example of her body positivity.

In her post, she relished the opportunity and wore mustard-colored bikini bottoms and a botanic print bikini top.

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Her hair was dyed a shade of pink and tattoos covered her legs.

“Now this,” she said, leaving a dramatic pause for a lusty slap of her thighs.

Her look was one of unconcealed delight.

“I will never use this sound when I have a bathing suit on," she said.

“This is a bikini body," she beamed.

As far as Meagan was concerned, "Everybody [was] a Beachbody."

But she wasn't finished and approached the camera with a mischievous warning.

“I’m going to p*ss some people off at the beach," she said.

Commenters loved her.

“Iconic," said one, and another wrote that "slap was everything.”

Keep being you insisted this fan: “Why should someone have to cover up their body to please other people? You go girl.”

“You rock," opined this viewer.

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The concluding remark was echoed by many more in her post.

“Loving your confidence," they said.

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