I only used four drops of fake tan on my face, I thought it would be fine… learn your lesson from me

A MORTIFIED woman revealed her ultimate tanning fail, showing off exactly how much difference just a few drops of fake tan can make.

TikTok user Lauren shared what happened when she used four drops of fake tan on her face and left commenters in stitches.

She said: “Someone said I looked like Donald Trump, it has me wheezing."

Lauren revealed that she had used a total of four drops on her face, two on each cheek, and she hadn't expected the results to be so extreme.

Some asked Lauren how to apply the drops, and she said: “Honestly, I don’t know because it looked so bad.

“I ended up scrubbing my face."

She used an exfoliating cloth to remove the harsh tan lines from her forehead.

“I exfoliated the cr*p out of my hairline and I think it looks pretty good."

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She said she put the tan straight onto her face with the applicator, applying two drops to each cheek

She explained: “I was trying to be tan, probably thinking it’s not going to be very much, they want me to keep buying their product, so I’m sure I have to use a lot.

“I think it looks pretty nice now that I have exfoliated.”

Tanologist recommends using between one and twelve drops, but they also recommend mixing the drops with moisturiser – a step which Lauren failed to take.

The video racked up a whopping 3.1 million views and many commenters had made the same mistake as Lauren.

“LITERALLY ME TWO DAYS AGO”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “The way this was actually me this morning after putting five drops on last night.”

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