I quit school at 13 with no GCSEs – now my business earns me £600k a year, I love jetting off to Dubai with my kid | The Sun

A SINGLE mum who left school with no GCSEs has revealed how she now makes £600,000 a year and travels the world with her young daughter.

Katie Godfrey, 33, from Bedfordshire, now lives the high life taking seven-year-old Lola-Rose Godfrey, on numerous £7,000 trips.

Despite ditching school at 13 after being bullied, Katie has built her own beauty empire from scratch without any qualifications.

Following being homeschooled, she completed a level one Beauty Therapy course even without having any GCSEs, and moved back to Bedford to open a beauty salon.

After borrowing £38,000 from her parents and £30,000 from the bank, she set up KG Salon, and since has launched a beauty training academy, KG Professional, and a coaching business, KG Business Mentor.

She now turns over nearly £600,000 a year and employs 10 staff members, which has enabled her to work remotely, fly business class and take frequent swanky holidays.

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When Katie fell pregnant in 2014 and found herself as a single mum, she knew she wanted the freedom to travel with her new daughter, Lola-Rose, who was born on August 22, 2015.

Speaking to Fabulous, Katie said: “I was single for a long time after being in a long-term relationship. 

“I met my daughter’s dad and fell pregnant pretty quickly, it's something we both planned on.

“But by the time I was 10 weeks pregnant I was officially a single mum. I did the whole pregnancy alone and have brought her up on my own. 

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“It was so tough being alone through pregnancy and once she was here. 

“I had to learn to become a ‘real CEO’ and see if this business could run without me and stop doing clients so I could look after Lola-Rose. 

“I managed to step out of my business and was running things behind the scenes so I could be a mum when she arrived. I now teach other women to do the same. 

“My salon I still have at the time was making around £250,000. My other salon was taking around £100,000 which was a couple of months old.

“From when she was six months old, I created this freedom in the business so I could work anywhere. 

“I did feel like I didn’t want to not give her an amazing life just because I was on my own. 

“I had the money and I had the freedom so why not travel with her?”

Katie first took Lola-Rose to Dubai when she was six months old, and they have been back numerous times since, spending up to £7,000 a visit.

Lola-Rose has also had luxury trips staying only in five-star hotels in places such as Miami, Abu Dhabi, Iceland and Italy.

The mum added: “We are definitely swanky with our travel, we love the finer things in life.

“I always say if you are working hard and have it then why not?

“In Australia we spent around £7,000 for two of us and did Gold Coast for a week and then Sydney.

“We went to amazing zoos, beaches and restaurants. 

“Then Dubai is always pricey, but I say that’s our safe place. 

“We know where we are going and what to do, that’s always around £5-£7,000 for the two of us. 

Some of Lola-Rose’s five-star holidays

  • Dubai – 6 months old
  • Dubai – 1 year old
  • Dubai – 1 year old
  • Australia – 1 year old
  • Paris – 2 years old 
  • Iceland – 2 years old
  • Spain – 3 years old
  • Lanzarote – 3 years old
  • Miami – 4 years old
  • Dubai – 4 years old
  • Italy – 4 years old
  • Abu Dhabi – 5 years old
  • Wales – 5 years old
  • Lock down started 
  • Greece – 5 years old
  • Croatia – 6 years old
  • Greece – 7 years old

“We have stayed in lots of hotels there, swam with dolphins and seen incredible shows, plus obviously shopped lots.

“This year I flew business class to New York and I loved it.”

The mum and daughter duo jet away whenever Lola-Rose isn’t in school, but Katie said she would “100 per cent pull her out” if she didn’t enjoy it, as her own parents did for her.

Katie said she is living her “dream life” but there is “always room for improvement.”

She is currently engaged to new partner, electrical engineer Luke Lincoln, 35, and they live together in a £3,000-a-month, four-bedroom rented house, along with her newborn son Brodee, who is nine-months-old and her new step-daughter.

Katie said she does own a home too.

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She added: “Now I have a bigger family, I want to travel even more with them and I will always want to build my businesses bigger and better. 

“It’s not until I talk about what I have done, I’m like wow I have really created this.”

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