I refuse to wear underwear to the gym – I don't care if people stare at my nipples… life's so much better without a bra | The Sun

A WOMAN who refuses to wear underwear to the gym has insisted "life's so much better without a bra".

Brooke took to her TikTok page to share a video responding to the comments she was receiving regarding her gym outfits.

"First thing, nipples – don’t care at all," she began.

"I will take pads out of swimsuits, sports bras… the only time I wear something padded is if I’m wearing a legit normal bra.

"I do not care if they are staring at you.

"Everyone has nipples. Hard nipples, soft nipples, don’t care.

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"Life is so much better without a bra.

"And I don’t have teensy tinies, I don’t have massives.

"I understand that some people need the support but for me a bra’s a bra, I go for comfort over support always."

As for her knickers of choice, Brooke insisted that she would never wear any if it was up to hear.

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"If I’m wearing denim, I’m wearing underwear, if I’m wearing sweatpants or a dress I have Skims boxers underneath but leggings, biker shorts, running shorts – no underwear," she said.

"I hate underwear, I hate seams, I hate extra fabric."

Posting the video on TikTok, she captioned it: "Free the n!ps, no undies, & always sweating!

"And DON'T even get me started on (camel) toe.

"I also do not care, just let me wear what's cute."

"I’ve found my people," one person commented on the video.

As another added: "Yes to all of these hahaha."

"Commando crew," a third laughed.

"You know my life! This is 100% my theories on clothing!" someone else commented.

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As another wrote: "Literally can’t remember the last time I left the padding in a bra/swimsuit.

"Sometimes I’ll even take them out in the store."

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