Shoppers wowed by mum's £3 M&S food haul – and it's 'cheaper than Aldi' | The Sun

SHOPPERS have been wowed by a mum's £3 M&S food haul.

The upmarket supermarket was even hailed "cheaper than Aldi" for its bargains by eager Brits keen to nab a deal.

TikTok creator Lucy Brown, who posts videos with her husband Mark under the handle Right Guys Review, visited their local branch to try and bag a bargain.

Handed three £1 coins by Mark, Lucy snaked the aisles trying to get the best bang for her buck.

Lucy's first and most impressive discovery was a 600g packet of Oakham Gold Chicken Leg Portions, priced at a paltry £1.20.

With £1.80 over, Lucy then unearthed a bag of White Potatoes for £1, and a 400g bag of carrots and a brown onion for a meagre 65p respectively.

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The total cost was £2.85.

As they triumphantly departed the store, they labelled the contents an "absolute bargain".

Sourcing a smattering of other staple ingredients they had at home, including chicken granules, chicken seasoning and butter – the couple prepare the meal.

Lucy boiled the potatoes skin on and popped them in the air fryer.

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She also boiled the carrots after peeling them and, once soft, mashed them up with a stick of butter.

The chicken is seasoned and placed in the air fryer with the onion, with the residue used to make a flavoursome onion gravy.

A number of the couple's TikTok followers waxed lyrical over the resourceful and inexpensive meal.

One person said: "I love M&S. Feels expensive but has decent prices."

Another agreed: ""I do my monthly food shops in M&S works out a lot cheaper than Aldi these days and tastes way nicer."

A third praised the couple for their considerate and cost-friendly tips: "I'm addicted to you guys! So helpful to others."

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