I spent £40 on McDonald's to see what I could win on their Monopoly – here's how much money I cashed back | The Sun

IT'S the game everyone's playing.

And one woman decided to see how much she could win on McDonald's Monopoly by shelling out £40 on food from the eatery.

Emily explained she was going to work out how much she won at the end, to see if she'd made her money back on her edible winnings.

She kicked off her TikTok video by showing the numerous boxes of chips she'd bought, as well as two burgers and two drinks.

Within a few peels, Emily got her first win – an apple pie or fruit bag, shortly followed by a McFlurry or fruit bag.

"Guys, I'm literally winning so many!" she gushed.

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"I feel like I've already made my money back.

"Maybe I haven't… I probably haven't."

She continued peeling off the stickers, although was annoyed to find that her McPlant burger didn't have one on it.

Emily went on to win a medium Coke or milkshake, a Big Mac or McChicken sandwich and a single McMuffin or bacon roll.

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In addition, she got £5 off a phone case, and one month free of a subscription service.

"Overall from instant wins I made back £17.25, which is actually so good," she said.

"I made back loads of money – well I didn't, I made back loads of food

"But I think that's still pretty good."

Emily went on to scan all the codes on the McDonald's app, and won another subscription freebie, a medium meal and a small fries.

Meaning that in total, she'd made back £22.25.

People in the comments section were quick to reveal their own McDonald's Monopoly wins.

"I got gold card, lol," one boasted.

"I’ve won a free apple pie, 6 chicken nuggets twice, a McFlurry and a medium Coke Zero," another added.

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As a third said: "I have won £10 on the app and some photo magnets on double peel and loads of free food."

Emily also assured people that the food wouldn't go to waste, as she revealed that her boyfriend reheated the fries in the air fryer and polished them off.

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