I'm a cleaning whizz and there's a way to stop your towels smelling 'musty' for just 28p – and it's not vinegar | The Sun

A HOT shower or bath is just the thing you need after a long day sometimes, but if you're towels have a lingering musty smell it can be far from relaxing.

Even after washing towels can cling on to those grim, damp smells, even if they don't return straight away.

Luckily, there's a really simple way to banish the mildew smell and stop it from coming back, and it'll only cost you 28p.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the laundry experts from Christy revealed the secret trick to keep towels smelling fresh, and it's not white vinegar.

According to the pros, essential oil works a treat because of it's “antibacterial properties."

They explained “Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your washing machine when washing your towels to remove the must smells. 



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“This natural oil has antibacterial properties that can help to kill the odour-causing bacteria.”

Not only that, but you can use tea tree oil to keep your washing machine clean and free from mould.

Using a damp cloth, add two or three drops of the oil and wipe around the drum, as well as around the seals.

Do the same for the detergent drawer and leave the door to the machine open when you're done to let it air out and it should smell great and have no more mildew or mould.

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You could also use vinegar for this, but if you're not careful and use too much you could find the scent of vinegar clinging to your towels instead.

Tea tree oil not only smells loads better, but it also works out cheaper than white vinegar at just 28p per use.

Other tricks to keep towels fresh

Apart from using tea tree oil, it's importnat to not scrunch towels up when they're still damp.

Make sure to hang them up once you're done using them so they can dry off quicker, the cleaning pros at Merry Maids said.

"If you want to ensure your towels smell after washing, then by all means toss them in a hamper or let them sit bunched up on your bedroom floor after you’ve dried your hair or towelled off.

"A balled-up towel won’t dry properly, meaning its more prone to developing mildew. To keep your towels fresher, hang them flat after each use," they explained.

Towels should also be washed with other towels, they added.

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