I stopped wearing a bra and there were some surprising benefits – I now have an ‘incredible lift’ | The Sun

A WOMAN who stopped wearing a bra has revealed some of the surprising benefits that have come with her decision.

Despite being bra-free, she reported experiencing "incredible lift" with her special tank top.

Fans were agog with astonishment and wanted to know her secret.

“Okay, what is this hocus pocus magic," joked one.

Kayla Ruetten (@therealkaylaruetten) is one busy lady.

Mom of six, she is also a businesswoman, "helping women learn and earn."

She also believes if you can, "shape your body," you can "shape your life."

But ditching her bra was such a positive experience, on many levels, that she shared it in a post to her TikTok.

“Things that happened when I took my bra off," she wrote.

Instead of chest support, she wore a claret-colored satin-effect cami from Ruby Ribbon, and she was thrilled.

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“No more adjusting and tucking," she said.

There was the incredible lift plus several more.

"No cup gap, no overspill, no bra lines, and back support."

Amazingly, her shape had also changed.

"Slimmed two inches. Dropped a pant size. Feel like I’m 16 again," she beamed.

Commenters were eager to get their hands on her tank top.

“I definitely need to get one of these," was typical of many more.

Concluding her post, this viewer made their own observation: “What is this magic.”

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