I’m a gym girl who wears risky sports bras to work out – one of my boobs popped out once but I don’t care | The Sun

A WOMAN revealed how one of her boobs popped out at the gym while wearing a risky sports bra – but she doesn't care.

The gym-girl took to TikTok to tell her followers the hilarious boob-slip story.

Sylvia Hussein donned a tight fitting brown dress with a slit in the thigh as she shared her "embarrassing story time".

She showed off her figure while holding a bottle of green juice, standing beneath a caption that read: "When I wore a "risky" sports bra to the gym and one of my t****** accidentally slipped out while training," paired with a crying emoji.

The fitness fan laughed along at the end and wrote: "True story wanted the earth to open and swallow me".

The seven-second video had her fans in stitches after racking up over 4,000 likes and 50 comments.


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One girl related to Sylvia's embarrassing story and said: "This happens with me when I run once in a while."

Another commented: "I would change gyms immediately".

A third was left with a new fear as she wrote: "Woooooooooooow this made my stomach drop cus I be this close".

But the gym-goer clapped back with some advice and told the user: "girl hold them tight".

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But the stunning gym-girl didn't let the experience deter her from wearing risky sports bras and exercising in public.

Sylvia is known by her 391.2k followers for posting racy clips of herself showing off her curves, and often posts work-out content for her fitness fans.

She has amassed over 6million likes on her "Fitness & lifestyle" TikTok page.

This comes after one gym-girl expressed her annoyance about people's opinion on whether or not she wears a bra to the gym.

She claimed that people moan they can see "too much" and say it's inappropriate – but she doesn't care.

Another fitness fan decided to ditch the basic black sports bras and go topless in the gym so that everyone can see her pretty bras.

The TikToker said she only wore black to the gym so no one looked at her but now she want's everyone to notice her stylish pieces as she's become more confident.

And one more fitness fanatic left viewers baffled after revealing that she works out topless.

Fans were left scratching their heads, asking the gymgoer questions about her clothes.

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