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A DOG owner has shocked her followers after taste testing her pet’s favourite treats.

Diaine, 22, treats her Chihuahua named Lady like royalty and admits she was always curious as to whether or not she’d enjoy the meat-flavoured snacks.

The project manager, from Edinburgh, decided she had to find out and posted a video to TikTok where she sampled the doggy delicacies.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, she said: “A lot of people said it was a weird thing but you’re on this planet one time. 

“Do you not get curious to try new things?

“Even staring at my dog eating treats, I just get curious.

“So I wanted to try it – and the coconut and shrimp ones tasted like biscuits so it was quite nice.”

In the video, Diaine gives the coconut and shrimp treats a score of seven out of ten.

But some others, such as salmon and duck goodies, failed to reach such high marks and she had to spit them out.

Those in the comments weren’t sure how they felt about Diaine’s unique experiment.

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One person wrote: “Are u feeling alright at all? This isn’t normal :/.”

Another said: “I think you need help.”

However, others backed her decision 

One fan wrote: “I’m doing this.”

Another commented: “I have tried this with my dog's treats and my nan's cat’s treats.”

Diaine previously hit headlines after revealing she’s applying for Married at First Sight after growing tired of the deadbeats she’s dated.

She reckons it might be the best way to find a man she can call a keeper.

She says: “I’ve had a horrific dating experience so far.

“I’ve been single for about five years and seeing people on and off.

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