I thought I’d met my dream man at the beach but lost his number… then his WIFE got in touch when I tracked him down

A WOMAN asked TikTok to do its magic when she met a guy on the beach on vacation but was stunned when his wife contacted her.

Mica Renee, from the US, shared the video of her and the man at the beach, where it went viral with over two million views.

She first posted a video to her account, micarenee, her friend recorded the pair having fun in the ocean and asked users to help her find out who he was.

Mica captioned the video: "TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others, I think he said he’s from Detroit."

She explained he had given her his number but she was drunk and forgot to save it in her phone and hoped he was not married.

Unfortunately for Mica, it turns out he was.

Mica updated users on how the search was going in a separate video and said she did find him.

She gave a backstory on how the two met; "I was in Miami looking all good in the ocean and my friend was taking photos of me when he came up to me and introduced himself.

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"My friend thought he was bold so she kept recording.

"After we got out the ocean he did give me his number but I was lit and I thought I saved it but I didn't.

"So the update is, that he is indeed married and I won't be reaching out to him."

Shockingly, his wife somehow found the video and requested Mica not to take it down.

Mica provided receipts of his wife messaging her, when Mica realised he was married she apologised to his wife and told her she would not reach out to him.

His wife replied: "It's not your fault. He didn't care so please believe I'm not about to. But thank you for posting this. Everything done in the dark will always come to light."

She also asked Mica to keep the video up on her channel so that he could not try and lie about it.

Mica ended the video by saying: "All I have to say ladies is don't believe in fairytales, you may go viral."

Users were shocked by the turn of events, one wrote: "Wow. That is so disappointing. I feel for the wife and for you."

Many users celebrated that the two women stuck together and knew it was entirely the man's responsibility for his actions.

One woman commented: "Us women stick together! I love it!"

"Shoutout to the wife for not blaming you per usual. He is the problem!" Exclaimed another user.

A third person wrote: "I’m glad you both handled this maturely and respectfully! Womanhood/Sisterhood is important."

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