I thought I’d never let my kids have screen time and would never use my phone in front of them… then I became a mother

BEFORE having children, many of us have expectations on how we will raise them.

But it doesn't always go to plan once you finally have your own – as one mum knows all too well.

Carla Freeman, from the UK, wanted to do everything the right way before becoming a mum.

But she soon realised it was impossible to do that after having them.

Posting on her TikTok account, Carla Freeman Comedy, the hilarious mum explained the list of things she said she would never do.

And how things actually went when she gave birth, which most mums can relate to.


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She said that before having kids of her own she vowed to have no plastic toys in the house – then shows the giant basket of plastic toys her children have.

Carla also promised her kids would have 'zero screen time' but then shows herself being infatuated with watching Paw Patrol.

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Pre-baby she also said she would only ever feed her kids organic, homemade meals.

Now, the mum is more than happy to chuck some fish fingers into the over for dinner and call it a day.

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Carla said: "Playing outside is food for the child's soul," and she vowed to always make time to take her kids outdoors.

But now, like most mums, she finds it hard to find the time – with looking after children, household chores, and work to get on with.

As she does another pile of laundry, Carla tells her kids: "We can't go to the park today sweetheart because they're all shut."

The mum also vowed to never speak badly about her partner while the kids are around – but now she does.

"Daddy's doing bedtime tonight because he's been on the phone for the last two hours," She jokes.

Lastly, the mum promised she would never use her phone around her children, but the reality is a lot different.

She shows herself playing with toys with her kid while on her phone.

The hilarious video has gone viral with over one million views, and many mums could relate to it.

One wrote: "I was the best parent before I became a parent."

"I feel so called out." Said another.

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A third commented: "I never knew how often parks closed until I became a parent…"

"Oh my, literally me before and after. I don’t feel so alone anymore." Added a fourth.

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