I'm a psychologist- what your Pandora charm choice says about you & how you might struggle if it's your birthstone

HAVING a charm bracelet is like a rite of passage and many of us will have owned one at some point.

But whether you have a couple or choose to collect as many as possible, the types of charm you buy can really say a lot about your personality.

And there really is a charm to represent everything, from your favourite animal or pet, to celebrating a special occasion or marking a sentimental date.

Here, Behaviour Expert and Hypnotherapist Dipti Tait shares what your favourite type of charm reveals about your personality, and why you might struggle with change if it's your birthstone… 

'You may feel let down easily'

If you choose the Angel of Love charm or the Protective Hamsa Hand Dangle charm, this means you're pretty open-minded.

You feel guided by a higher power and may have superstitious tendencies.


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This belief in higher power goodness could go against you though when things go wrong, and you may feel let down easily.

Proud to be you

If your favourite charm is associated to your identity, like a Letter Alphabet charm or Birthstone, this suggests you're happy with who you are.

You're also content with who you are and how you show up in the world – like a badge saying 'this is me, and I’m proud of it'.

When we are closely associated with identity however, we can find it difficult to change and adjust if aspects of our identity changes.

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You've overcome adversity

If you choose motivational words or symbols, for example, the Thankful Heart and Stars charm or Butterfly Pink Murano Glass charm, you're seeking empowerment.

This suggests the person has overcome some adversity, and is using the charm as a reminder of personal strength and association to maintain resilience.

If the charm is taken away, it may feel like their strength and power is also taken away.

Sentimental & strongly connected to family

If you're drawn to a charm representing a certain person or animal, for example the Heart Family Tree Dangle charm or Sparkling Paw Print and Heart charm, it suggests you're sentimental.

You're also deeply connected to family, friendships and have deep relationships and bonds with loved ones.

This person usually gets their energy from others around them, and doesn’t like being on their own.

A passion project

If your favourite charm links to a hobby or a pastime, for example the Camper Van charm or Sneaker Shoe Dangle charm, it shows you're passionate.

This suggests the person is known for their activity, and it has defined who they are and they are proud of that activity.

However, if they become too defined by the activity, there is danger that life imbalance can occur.

You're passionate about your interests.

Regardless of which charm is your favourite, it's really important to know how to look after your bracelet, and there are some cleaning hacks doing the rounds that are ill-advised.

Some influencers have been taking their Pandora bracelet, complete with charms, and submerging it in a combination of boiling water, baking soda and salt for five minutes.

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However, a spokesperson from Pandora advised against using the TikTok trick, as it could damage your bracelet.

She explained that if you continuously use this tactic it's likely that you will cause erosion to the plating with the harsh chemicals.

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