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A WOMAN has revealed that she took her daughter to the best indoor water park and had a fabulous day on the epic rides and slides. 

Karmina spent the day at the Waterworld Aqua Park, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The aqua park is hailed as the UK’s number one indoor aqua park, with more rides and features than any other aqua park in the UK.

The mother took to social media to share an insight into her day out with her daughter, as she shared her post with the caption ‘Another Water Park For The Summer Holidays…’

But while Karmina and her little one had a great time, everyone was left saying the same thing on her social media clip.

At the start of the clip, we saw Karmina head into the water park, before she gave her followers a close-up look at the rides and slides inside.

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There was also a huge wave pool and in the video, we saw Karmina’s daughter enjoy the slides. 

Her daughter beamed as she had a great time on her mother-daughter day out at the water park.

If you fancy visiting, Waterworld Aqua Park is open all year round and is sure to be a great family fun day out, whatever the weather.

Karmina’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @p.malaysian, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a staggering one million views. 

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It has 38.1k likes, 890 comments, 5,704 saves and 4,299 shares. 

But social media users were all saying the same thing in the comments – as many commented on the cleanliness of Waterworld Aqua Park. 

One person said: “I saw a recent article saying this place is very dirty, is this the case?”

Another claimed: “It’s the water clear now? We went last year and the water was green!!” 

A third asked: “They cleaned it up yet?” 

Whilst someone else added: “I live in Stoke, it has a bad rep and is expensive. Haven’t been in years because of all the problems it’s had!”

Meanwhile, another parent advised: “Don’t take little kids, water is so cold!”

However, Karmina was eager to brush off these comments and praise the water park.

To this, Karmina replied: “Girl the water was sooo warm. 

“We obviously had two different experiences.” 

At the same time, many other social media users were eager to share their positive experiences of the aqua park and put any negativity to bed. 

One mother explained: “People only comment with bad experiences. I’ve been multiple times with my kids and they love it everytime. 

“Go off peak and it’s cheaper. Not hard.” 

Another agreed: “I’ve been there twice, it's awesome.”

Whilst someone else posted: “So many bad reports but we loved it there.”

Meanwhile, another TikTok user shared: “Been here loads and love it.” 

The Sun previously reported that Waterworld has more than a thousand 'poor' or 'terrible' reviews on TripAdvisor, with a 50-50 split of positive and negative comments.

However, Mo Chaudry, who owns the attraction has repeatedly lashed out at negative reviews.

He says that the comments are "not based on fact" and insists that many of the bad reviews are "non-genuine" and posted by "trolls".

The owner said: "Not only are some of the comments unjust, they're actually lies. Very few people complain on the day and when they do we deal with them as best we possibly can.

"We understand that it's all about customers having a great time but we don't agree that 'the customer is always right'. Customers can sometimes be wrong and we have to deal with that and address it."

The water park's director, Wayne Goodall, insists that standards are kept high and safety precautions are in place.

"We have a team of lifeguards who come in at 8am, they're responsible for checking the cleanliness, tidiness and health and safety of the resort.

He added that the pool is checked every day for sharp edges and other safety issues.

Meanwhile, "The water is tested every two hours, particularly the chlorine levels and the PH levels which can be adjusted when needed."

A spokesperson for Waterworld has said that "TripAdvisor is renowned for being the forum for disgruntled individuals to slander businesses and it is disappointing that there is no fact-checking or policing of these reviews.

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"Waterworld advises your readers to look at our Google reviews, of which there are twice the number, and plenty of 5-star reviews recently."

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