I tried the viral fake tan contouring hack, it started strong but ended in disaster – I'm morphing into Donald Trump | The Sun

WE ALL love a good beauty hack and none other has been trending as much as the fake tan contouring trick, which is meant to give people the no effort makeup look. 

Some beauty gurus have raved about the results, showing off their flawless skin following the easy application of their favourite tanning brands. 

But one TikTok user, Shayla Harrington, was left unimpressed and embarrassed by what she had done. 

Filming the entire process for her 365.7k followers to see, the blonde beauty put a viewer discretionary warning at the top of her clip, which read ‘Self Tan Contour FAIL’. 

Appearing in a green shirt with her hair swept back with a pink fluffy headband to keep strands from falling loose, she picked up a black Elf Cosmetics brush and a bottle of Tanologist Express Tan to get started. 

“I’m going to try the self tanner contour thing,” she explained, before giving assurance that the results would be in the same clip. 

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She continued: “I only have spray so we’re going to see how this goes.” 

Spraying the brush three times with the tan,  she began applying the product to the top of her cheekbones in an attempt to create her desired look. 

“This is going to be hard because I can’t see what I’m doing – I’m going to assume this looks good,” she shared. 

Coating the other side of her face, she then moved to the top of her forehead, adding: “Doing it all up here, I think this is how people do it.” 

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“How do I know if it’s blended?” she then questioned before moving the brush down to her neck. “I have the world’s worst double chin.” 

Admitting that she’s “not brave enough” to contour her nose, Shayla said she would head to bed and show the results in the morning. 

The scene then cut to the following day, where her followers could already see the orange line across her forehead and the harsh streak across her cheeks. 

“I’m going to go wash this off to make sure the people of TikTok are not lying to us,” she said. 

Returning to her camera, she let out a nervous laugh as she said: “I rinsed and I look like I’m still morphing into Donald Trump in areas, this looks awful… Awful!” 

“Now I have to wear makeup,” she moaned. 

Shayla then approached her partner to ask if she looked “pretty,” to which he responded: “Yeah, what’s on your face though?” 

Over the clip, she wrote ‘FAILED THE HUSBAND TEST’ and in the caption, she questioned: “Have you tried this trend yet?” 

People were left shocked by the before and after clips as one person warned all those who are tempted by the trend: “Don’t try this at home kids”. 

Shayla, seeing the humour in it all, replied: “Mistakes were made,” with a crying with laughter emoji. 

Another said: “my boyfriend would be like “baby you’re always pretty but, what happened?”"

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A third shared: “Omg not the spray!! I love the drops tht they have! I always use moisturizer with 3 tanning drops”. [sic]

While a fourth added: “That’s amazing in a bad but hilarious way”. 

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