I was dress coded on my first day at work – but I wore the same look to my interview & landed the job | The Sun

ENTERING a new workplace often comes with extensive rules and requirements about how the job is performed and what the uniform will be.

These details are most commonly introduced during the interview process and then further elaborated on if an offer is extended.

However, according to a video on TikTok from one woman who goes by the username brokeassfemale, her new place of work allegedly dress-coded her on her first day after she appeared wearing the same things in her interview weeks prior.

She noted that she initially got the job offer a few weeks back, and had been communicating about the position with her supervisors through email.

On her first day, she was then allegedly "pulled into a corner" and told that she needed to cover her hair because it was a dress code violation.

Not only that but they were also told that their face piercings and even their nail polish were considered dress code violations.

The biggest issue that the TikToker had with this was that she was not informed of any kind of dress code like that before beginning her first day.

She allegedly even showed up with the same hair, piercings, and nail polish in the interview too.

"So you’re basically telling me the way I showed up at the interview, ‘Nah you can’t work a job like that?'" the TikToker said.

“Ya’ll can keep [the job].”

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The situation presented in the TikToker's video became popular, garnering over 77,000 likes, and plenty of viewers commented supporting her.

"Sueeeee them hair discrimination is a real thing," one commenter said.

"If my appearance is a problem I do not want the job, period lol," another explained.

Others even suggested that the TikToker speaks to a lawyer about a possible lawsuit against the workplace for not informing her of the dress code before her first day.

"Ha that's a lawsuit go talk to a lawyer [ASAP]," a viewer said.

Although some others pointed out a lawsuit would be futile, as the company likely had it written in their handbook, but didn't verbally detail it.

Either way, the almost unanimous consensus was that the dress code should have been explained, whether it's wrong or not to ask the TikToker to have different hair or remove piercings and nail polish.

Not to mention, many women in the workplace have been getting dress coded recently.

One was recently told by supervisors that her outfit, which consisted of a snake-print short-sleeved turtleneck top with a pair of black slacks, was "pushing it" in terms of dress code.

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Another woman explained that she was dress-coded four separate times at her place of work for four different outfits that were deemed "too tight."

The U.S. Sun even has the story of a woman who was dress-coded on her first day at a new job for being "too top-heavy."

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