Mum shares money-saving Christmas present hack for toddlers and it makes so much sense other parents call it a 'win win' | The Sun

CHRISTMAS is an expensive time, especially if you've got kids.

Forking out for the latest toy that they'll be bored of in a week is typical, but one savvy mum discovered a clever hack for her toddler.

When kids get older they might be more specific about presents they actually want.

For younger kids they probably don't even really understand what Christmas is, but parents still want to spoil them so they feel included.

But spending money on a bunch of toys just so they can feel excited seemed like a waste for on mum.

Sophie Marie shared her money-saving hack that keeps her tot happy but doesn't waste cash on toys they don't need or even want.


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Instead of forking out for even more toys for her young daughter, Sophie bought just one present but wrapped all the pieces separately.

She shared a clip of the tot opening each individual part and lining the toys up together.

Sharing the video on TikTok Sophie wrote: "When your kids have too many toys so you only get them one Christmas present and wrap all 20 pieces separately."

Her tot looked overjoyed unwrapping each figure for the toy nativity scene.

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"She was excited about every little one of them," Sophie added.

Other parents loved the idea and admitted their kids always get bored of the piles of toys.

One said: "My kids just enjoy unwrapping things so it's a win-win."

A second commented: "I love this idea, I may even take their old toys and wrap them."

"My daughter is only 6-months-old so we're wrapping her water bottles, they're her favourite right now," another said.

"When kids are the young they don't care, no need to waste money on a billion gifts," someone else agreed.

Others admitted that their parents did something similar, with one person saying their parents used to go the extra mile and wrap batteries as well.

However, not everyone thought the trick was in the Christmas spirit.

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"She's only getting one presents and it's a nativity scene? Bruh that's evil," one wrote.

One mum added: "Am I the only one whose kids play with all their toys?"

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