I was illegally seeing 3 men a day in lockdown, I hid them from the neighbours (but they DID use hand sanitiser)

OPENING her front door serial mistress and professional dominatrix Gweneth Lee let the man in with a furtive look around her. 

It was December 2020 and London was in strict tier three lockdown.

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This meant people weren’t meant to be socialising indoors except for very specific rules – single people or childcare support bubbles.

And even then it was only with one other group.

Most people were obeying it, happy to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

But Gweneth was still secretly seeing her three married lovers and acting as a dominatrix for up to three men a day. 

“I knew it was illegal which is why I only saw my regular dominatrix clients and didn’t take any new ones – normally I might take 15 new ones a month” the 47-year-old, who splits her time between London and California, USA, said.

“But you can’t cage a bird… people need their kinks.

“Even so, conscious of what my neighbours might think – and who they might tell – I sneaked the men in.”

She also revealed how, while carrying out her ‘kinks’, she made sure everything was as pandemic-friendly as it could be.

“The sessions are covid-respectful,” she said. 

“Hand sanitiser is used on arrival and slaves may use a mask, and request if they want me to wear one.

“Plus dominatrix work is normally always wearing rubber gloves if you touch another person.

It’s pretty common, even before COVID.”

You can’t cage a bird… people need their kinks.

While Gweneth does have sex with her lovers, she doesn’t with her dominatrix clients who pay hundreds of pounds for her to act out their fantasies. 

She dresses up, or lets her clients dress up, performs S&M – basically does what they want.

“There’s loads of people out there who love it,” she explained. 

Brunette Gweneth has been exclusively dating married men since 2008, when she joined Illicit Encounters dating site following the death of her husband. 

Short of cash and a victim of the credit crunch she was already a dominatrix – having got into it in her teens – and decided to make a career of it.

“I always loved S&M,” she admitted. “I had a master in my teens but quickly realised I preferred being in control. I then gravitated towards people who were the same as me… birds of a feather.”

But it was at a ‘supper’ with a married lover and his mistress when she realised her hobby could become a business. 

“While we were eating and chatting he admitted he thought I was a professional dominatrix,” she said.

“I said to him, ‘I like being a dominatrix but I am not a professional one, I’m a businesswoman’.

“Then he said, "I’m sorry, I thought you were a professional dominatrix because you always carry with you a suitcase of toys.’”

At the time Gweneth actually owned a consultancy business targeted at helping expats settle in a new area – although it was struggling in the global economic climate.

It was a eureka moment which led to Gweneth realising he was right – she should change careers.

“I realised there and then that I should become a professional dominatrix,” she said. “It made perfect sense. I had a dog and needed grocery shopping, so I did need the cash.”

She started charging by the hour and now makes a “six figure income”.

“I see a lot of regulars in London, I see around two or three a day,” she said. “I also have about 15 new clients a month. 

“I continued throughout the lockdown. They would breach the lockdown to see me, you don’t want to make it obvious to the neighbours.”

Around Christmastime Gweneth, craving some sunshine, headed back to the USA, where she currently remains.

“I live both in London and LA,” she said. “I’m bicontinental – I have lovers on both sides of the ocean.

“But at some point I will, of course, be back in London. My clients need me.”

Previously she told how she had dated more than 100 men including millionaire businessmen.

She said she loved getting presents from her lovers.

“It's great,” she confessed. “The gifts are in abundance, Agent Provocateur, Champagne, jewellery.

"I've been given diamonds, a tennis bracelet from Tiffany, a ring from Boucheron, a Tiffany necklace.

“One Christmas, I was in California with my family and a gentleman sent me a fur coat via Fed-Ex.

"I've had gentlemen buy me art and Jo Malone candles, I have them all over my home in London and California. I have an Amazon Wish List and when I was running a marathon recently I had one man send me a Fitbit, another a pair of trainers and a third running gear.

"I don't ask for any of this, they just do it because they love me and what I'm doing. When men are buying gifts for their spouses at Christmas, they might see something they think would look lovely on me.

"I'm a different type of woman. I'm an international businesswoman, many of them have wives who are stay-at-home mums."

Fabulous didn't pay Gweneth for this interview.

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