I was sick and tired of my kids taking up all the space in my bed so built a massive 3-metre wide super bed | The Sun

A DAD has shared how he built a three-metre-wide super bed so his kids would stop pushing him off the edge when they sneak into his bed.

The DIY fan shared how he crafted his new bed from materials from Homebase on a budget.

Alex Dodaman said in a TikTok video: “If you've got tiny humans you know what it's like. No matter how hard you try at some point they end up taking over your bed, then booting you to the edge with their stone cold feet.”

Alex realised his second child may soon be sneaking into his bedroom leaving him with even less space.

He said: “So now tiny human two has arrived and realising he might wanna jump in sometimes too and is a bit bigger. I thought I'd try and protect my tiny spot on the edge of the bed and also so I don't end up on the floor for the next few years.”

“So the only thing I could think of was to try and build a stupidly oversized bed.”

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Alex met his first hurdle when started searching for super sized mattresses.

He said: “The first thing I did was move out the old one and the plan was to build a new one on this side with it facing the blank wall opposite so I can use it as a screen for the projector.”

“The only place I could seem to find massive mattresses was from America and as they were ridiculously priced and I wanted to keep the cost down, I just got another one of these ones for now, which would make the bed three metres wide in total.”

Alex headed to Homebase to make materials for his new bed frame from scratch.

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“Again, to keep the cost down I decided just to make it out of cheap CLS stud work timber. So I went to Homebase and got some before I started building.”

He said he planned to make his bed in section so he could still it out the door if he needed.

“Before I just double check the measurements when I put the two mattresses side by side. They were three metres wide by 1.5 metres in length. To be able to still get out the bedroom door if I needed to, I decided to build in four different sections.”

“The measurements for each of the four sections were gonna be 153 cm wide by 75 cm in length, meaning all four bits together.”


“And now 306 cm wide by 150 cm in length. I've made it 6 cm bigger in width, so I can add a three centimetre trim on each side to keep the mattresses together.”
Alex made sure to create a trim around his frame so his mattresses wouldn't separate.

He said: “This means that when both the mattresses are on there and I join the frame together in the middle, when you all bundle on top, two trims each side keep the mattresses tight and stop them from separating.”

“I decided to make the height 30 cm. Then I started measuring and cutting. I didn't do any fancy joins and just kept it simple by pre-drilling and screwing together.”

“Then after not long, I had the first two done, and then I just did exactly the same for the other two to fix on. The headboards are screwed on three bits of stud work to the back of the frame, so when you lean back on them, they're solid.”

“And I just stained the whole frame with a bit of Danish oil. And then lined up the mattresses and got the headboard screwed on.”

“Just to make sure the mattresses don't slip down. Any gaps I covered over the Whole top of the frame in 3mil MDF. I then screwed on the 3cm studwork trims on each side to keep the mattresses in place.”

Alex used the bed DIY to redecorate his bedroom adding a new lick of paint and shelf for a projector.

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“Now that was done, it seemed a shame not to give this room a quick redecorate. I freshened up the walls with some of this green Dulux Tuscan Glade, hung some new blinds in the windows, then built a new shelf for the projector out of scaffold boards.”

Alex said he’s hoping his new supersize bed will mean he doesn't end up sleeping on the floor.

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