I went to meet my boyfriend's parents for Christmas… then I broke their toilet – I'm mortified | The Sun

MEETING your partner's parents for the first time is always nerve-racking.

But one woman felt mortified after she broke her boyfriend's parents toilet, right after meeting them.

Kennedy Calwell, 26, from Vancouver, Canada, was meeting her partner Nick’s family for the first time when the unfortunate incident unfolded.

She had flown to Toronto to meet the parents, but after using the facilities for a number two she had a mishap – finding she was unable to flush the toilet.

As she tried to “fix” the issue herself, she ended up accidentally breaking the lid of the toilet – which smashed on the floor.

In a “panic”, Kennedy filmed the outcome and shared a video of the scene on TikTok, leaving viewers in stitches.


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In the clip, she describes the “emergency situation” and shows the shattered remains of the toilet.

She concluded: “So now not only do I have to tell my boyfriend and his family that there’s a doodie in the toilet, but that my doodie broke the toilet…this is so embarrassing.”

The unfortunate mishap left users in hysterics.

One person commented: “Important question: is there a large window to climb out of?”

“You’re either going to be the girl he marries or the story they tell to his wife every Christmas. No other options,” another user said.

Someone else added: “Tell your bf and if he doesn’t take the fall he isn’t the one for you.”

“Escape from the house and don’t ever talk to them again!” another person said.

Someone else commented: “I would now live in there. Never come out.”

Luckily, Kennedy has also been able to see the funny side.

“I find it funny and am glad everything worked out, though I am a little embarrassed that over 2.5 million people have heard a story about my poop,” she told NeedToKnow.online.

“At first I thought it was no big deal and I would easily be able to fix it by opening up the top portion and fiddling with the handle, but nothing was working.

“I wasn't worried until I realised I didn't know how to fix it which is when I started to panic a little.

“While lifting the piece back onto the toilet, I fumbled and dropped it on the ground, shattering it completely.

“I just stood there, staring at the mess I made in shock for a couple minutes before realising what an embarrassing, awkward and silly situation I was in.

“I laughed and then made a panic-induced TikTok about it.

“The parents weren't home when this happened. My boyfriend was upstairs and this happened in the basement so nobody heard.

“I realized I had to tell Nick, because there was really no way out of the situation.

"No window to climb out of, no pet or small child to take the blame, no direct path out of the house without my boyfriend seeing me."

Her boyfriend also saw the funny side of the incident, Kennedy said.

“He laughed pretty hard at me and then called his parents (without me asking him to) and told them he had accidentally broke the toilet. He did not mention the doody.”

Kennedy added: “His family laughed. They have four sons so they are pretty used to things getting broken or damaged in their house – but they joked about Nick having to do extra chores over the holidays to make up for it.

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“Two of Nick's brothers have already seen [the TikTok] and called him about this incident.

"They think it is funny but now I am thinking it is only a matter of time before their parents find out [it was me]!”

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