I Wore This 1 and Done Outfit 5 Days in a Row Because It's Easy as Hell

I Wore This 1 and Done Outfit 5 Days in a Row Because It’s Easy as Hell

Deciding what to wear in the morning is frankly a pain in my you-know-what. Don’t get me wrong: I have days when I can’t wait to try on a fun new outfit I thought of, but sometimes I just want to slip into something easy and walk out the door without giving it that much thought.

This Fashion Week, I decided to keep it really simple by wearing a one and done outfit that only takes two seconds to put on: a Summer dress. Even though Summer was basically over, the weather wasn’t really cooperating. One second, it was pouring rain and in the 60s, and the next, it was 92 degrees and humid as heck — what’s a girl to do? Slip into a breezy Summer dress, of course.

For six days straight, I challenged myself to only wear dresses and find fun ways to make them work during the transitional season. (At one point, I even wore the same exact outfit I wore last year to FW, because why not?!) Read on to see how I styled six different Summer dresses for the Fall ahead.

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