I work as a waitress and it sucks – customers fake cry to get things for free and it is the worst during the holidays

ONE waitress has revealed the worst things about the job – including how customers turn on the waterworks to get freebies.

The woman, who works in a restaurant in the US, said she gets blamed for all sorts by customers who are just trying to get a free meal, and how it is way worse around Christmas time.

Taking to her TikTok account, the waitress told of a situation where customers threw her under the bus for no reason, but she later found out their intention was to not pay.

Posting under the domain @stillpoorandhungry she said: "I had to share this story of the WORST table I have ever had."

"I know that it was during the holidays, and if you have worked In a restaurant at this time you one of two things can happen. You are either going to get the biggest tips of your entire life or the most monstrous human's you have ever met, no in-between" said the waitress.

The woman told how she was serving brunch for a table of 12 adults who also brought children.


"I would rather run the Boston marathon than take a party of eight or more during brunch," said the waitress.

She added that the table was not rude, to begin with, they just had a lot of "needy" requests but were not particularly demanding.

"They had a lot of things that they wanted, and kept forgetting that me bringing over 12 coffees, 12 glasses of water, and 12 mimosas would take longer if they were like maybe two or four people," she said.

"So it's busy, but they are getting fine service. Not bad, not amazing, but fine. Because it's a full restaurant, it's a busy day after a holiday" she added.

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The waitress said that nobody had asked her for the cheque, but the table had been sitting with empty plates that they did not allow the wait staff to clear for a while.

"They made it clear that they were completely done ordering any more food or drink, and after 20, 25 minutes so sure, you can keep your trash, but I'm gonna put the cheque on the table," said the waitress.

"So I put the cheque down I'm doing laps, I'm looking over, there's no card on the table, and a long time goes by. I go over and check on them, they brush me off, " she added.

Things turned sour when the table called the waitress over and asked her to send her manager down. When the manager went down, one guest turned on the waterworks.

"A lady who had maybe said two words to me started to FULLY bawl her eyes out in the restaurant, saying I was the worst server they had ever had in their entire life," she said.

Adding: "Like hyperventilating crying over the bad service, that I gave the 12 of them."

A lady who had maybe said two words to me started to FULLY bawl her eyes out in the restaurant, saying I was the worst server they had ever had in their entire life."

The waitress said that the restaurant where she worked usually included an automatic gratuity for tables over six, but due to the hysterical crying, the manager took this off the bill.

The waitress said: "My manager was like, 'you know what we will make an exception, you will be the first table that we ever take the auto gratuity off of, so your server will not be paid for the last several hours that she spent serving you' and they were like 'thank goodness."

"They all leave and practically spit on me on the way out, I still don't know, what happened with them that I wasn't aware of. But the hot ticket is, they called in the next day and asked to speak to the general manager or the owner."

Getting the general manager, they said that they had decided that the entire meal should be comped.

"They said that after sleeping on it, they demand a FULL refund and they would like to see repercussion for me, whether that be termination or suspension," said the waitress.

The post has been viewed over 307K times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"They wanted out of the bill. That has to be it. They just took the scam too far" commented one person.

Another added: "I mean, the lying is bad enough but WHO CRIES OVER BAD SERVICE?!?"

" And once again, people wondering why no one wants to work in the service industry" added a third.

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