I’m 21 and am dating a 31-year-old man – he made me his side chick without me knowing it but it gets worse

A COLLEGE student found herself in a rather complicated situation when she discovered that her boyfriend of four years had been lying to her the entire time.

He was living a double life, but it got really bad.

Taking to Reddit, the college student's friend asked users for their opinion on the situation she had gone through just before Thanksgiving.

"My 21-year-old friend and her 31-year-old boyfriend have been together for 4 years. We'll call him Mark," the story began.

"They started dating when she was a junior in high school. In the 4 years they dated she never introduced him to her family nor was she introduced to his (now she knows why).

"He told her that he has an ex-wife and kids from his previous relationship which is why he never had any money and she was the one to always pay for their dates, vacations, food, and other things."

The friend claimed that he always seemed "a bit too controlling."

She alleged in the post: "One time she was supposed to go on a ski trip with her friends and he lied about his friend dying to keep her from going to 'be there for him after the funeral.'

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"When she asked him questions about the friend about who he was, how close they were, how he died, he wasn't able to answer any of those which made her suspicious but she ended up staying with him and not going on the trip."

Fast forward to Thanksgiving, their relationship came to a halt.

The friend detailed: "He was staying at her apartment that she shared with her roommates from college.

"They were going to sleep and all of the sudden there's this really loud banging on the front door. She thought it was her roommates f**king around but it kept on going.

"She got up to open the door and there she saw an older man and a middle-aged woman. The older man asked if Mark is here. She was very confused and asked why. He introduced himself as his father and the woman as Mark's wife.

"My friend was stunned. The father started attacking her and she started yelling about how she had no idea he was married.

"She asked the wife to come in and sit down with her and talk one on one to understand what the hell is going on. My friend proceeded to tell her about how they've been together for 4 years.

"The wife went on to explain they have a great marriage with decent sex life and two kids.

"She couldn't believe what she was hearing and started apologizing about how she truly had no clue he had a wife and that the only thing he mentioned was that he was divorced with kids from a previous relationship.

"They ended up breaking up, of course, and the wife will be divorcing Mark."

Following the shocking story, many took to the comment section to express their horror.

One person wrote: "I’m glad she got the ability to speak with the wife. I can’t imagine that guilt of being blamed for breaking a marriage.

"How to deal with this in a healthy way? Blame him. Blame him for every. Single. Moment of that relationship. And then forget it. He’s not worth her time or concern.

"Block him on everything and just take time to find herself is what I’d suggest."

"It's crazy to me that his father showed up with the wife," a second one shared.

"I wonder how that car ride over was."

What would you have done in the college student's shoes?

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