I'm a 150lb country-life-loving golf girl – people offer to be my farm hand when they see how I work on my 40 acres | The Sun

A FIT country girl has let the internet know just what they're getting when they come her way.

These features have shown followers the closest look at this 'comfortable gardener,' and some are even asking where they can apply for 'the boyfriend position.'

TikTok country girl Hanna, known on the platform under handle @golfgirlhanna, beat dating apps at their own game by jokingly sharing some of her stats in a recent video.

"I'm Hanna. I come with 40 acres, a tractor, and home grown corn," she wrote over the image of her raking the crops in a two-piece swimsuit.

It didn't take long for the internet to show their overwhelming approval for a woman with such dreamy bullet points.

"Had me at German Shephard," one TikTok user said, alluding to the dog running around while she minds her agriculture.


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Another just chimed simply and excitedly: "I'm in!"

Offering their aid to her farm, one comment said: "You looking for a farm hand I’m in! Let me know."

Stating the obvious, another wrote: "I do really like all of those things."

In a second video, she had similar stats listed out, this time breaking down more of her physicality, telling the audience that she's 31 years old, stands 5'6" tall, and weighs 150 lbs.

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Mimicking Matthew McConaughey, a TikToker replied to this video "alright, alright, alright," laughing crying with an emoji next to their affirmative comment.

Another curious viewer asked: "where can I apply for the boyfriend position?"

Wanting to get their farm girl fantasies down to the detail, one person wrote: "but do you have biscuits?"

A comment from the first video summed up best how the internet felt about this green-thumbed country girl.

They beamed, "A comfortable gardener? You can't beat that."

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