I'm a 34B gym girly who lifts heavy – wearing a bandeau bra to work out was traumatizing but Skims' version held up | The Sun

HOPING to look good and feel supported while getting a workout in, a gym rat purchased a bandeau bra from Skims.

She said the fitness top made her back muscles look “insane.”

After seeing multiple girls rock bandeaus at the gym, fitness coach Brooklyn Hill (@brooklynhillfit) wanted to give it a try.

“So, I did a thing. I took the plunge, and I got these Skims bandeaus,” she began in the clip.

Because she specializes in weightlifting, she wanted a fit that accentuated her upper body muscles.

“And I see all the gym girlies wearing them and they look so cute, and it makes the back gains look so good," she explained of her reasoning.

Still, she was hesitant about the Skims undergarment, as she said she “tried bandeaus at the gym once and it was traumatizing.”

That’s why she was going to put Skims “to the ultimate test,” doing various workouts to see how the $28 bra holds up.

“We’re going to give it a go," she said.

She slipped into the size small piece, noting that the sizing chart on the Skims website was a great guide.

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“I had some people saying to size up or size down. Just go off the sizing chart," she said.

Because it was back day for her, she began with pull-ups and instantly noticed a con: She had to adjust the bra a lot before starting her sets.

She said the kind of workout you’re doing makes a difference in how much support you get.

“I think for shoulder day, it would have been a lot better. Like, pull-ups and pull-downs were tricky.

“But doing stuff like a peck deck, rear fly, or row was totally fine," she said.

For the machines in which her chest rested on the surface, her boobs were also popping out more than she’d like.

The biggest pro, however, was that the strapless bra “makes the back gains look insane,” and Brooklyn said that outweighed any discomfort.

“Overall, I think it’s super cute. So, nine out of 10 recommend," she finished.

Viewers were sold.

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“Omg your back [looks fire]. Now I want a bandeau,” one wrote.

“Omg I love it on you,” added another.

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