I’m a big boobed gym girl – I sized up twice for my new bras but they’re still so small | The Sun

SUPPORTING your girls while exercising is always a necessity, regardless of your cup size.

One fitness fanatic shared her struggle to find sports bras that covered her bigger bust.

TikTok user Caitlin Day (@fitnessbycaitlinday) showed her followers an example of a poor-fitting bralette in her video.

"Guys, I’m absolutely just done," she told viewers as she modeled the look.

Caitlin explained: "I bought some gym bralettes and I sized up because I thought 'my boobs won’t fit in that.'"

However, the sports bralette still barely fit the avid gym-goer's chest.

"I went two sizes bigger, it still doesn’t f**king fit. I’m just fed up. Why do companies make bralettes so skinny. Like what the f**k is this?" the influencer asked.

Caitlin showed her followers the different ways the bralette could sit, none of which provided coverage.

"And then even if I pull them down, they stick out at the top. And then they overhang," she said as she demonstrated.

The TikToker continued: "And if I try to fit them in, still doesn’t work because they just pop straight out.

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Caitlin pointed out the underboob visible at the band of the bralette.

" I’m just fuming," the unimpressed content creator concluded.

In the caption of the video, Caitlin added: "My [boobs] used to be much bigger, so to any of my bigger [boob] girls I feel you on a different level."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

"Can’t relate, wish I could," wrote one viewer.

Another follower agreed. They said: "I wish I had this problem."

"I'M DONE AS WELL GIRL, I HAVE THIS PROBLEM ALL THE TIME!" commented a third person.

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