I’m a blonde, tattooed farm girl – I love driving a tractor and feeding goats, I’ve got ‘good vibes only’ | The Sun

A FARM girl gave her followers a glimpse into her everyday life, which includes driving tractors and feeding cute animals.

The blonde beauty said her attitude is to give off "good vibes only."

TikTok user Bethan (@b3th93) took viewers along with her as she carried out her farm duties.

In one video, the influencer showed off her tattoos as she posed in the driver's seat of her tractor.

Bethan sang along to Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes, demonstrating her "good vibes only" mentality.

Her tanned and tatted arms and legs were clearly visible as she sported a simple black tee and matching shorts.

In another clip, the farmer participated in a viral TikTok trend that has seen users sharing the things that fulfill them.

Bethan shared pictures of her around the farm to demonstrate how her work gives her purpose.

The content creator can be seen posing on the bonnet of a tractor as well as feeding animals.

Bethan showed photographs of her bottle-feeding a calf and a baby goat.

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The TikToker can be seen wearing dirt-splattered jeans and muddy boots as she sat in a pile of hay in one image.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on Bethan's farm life.

You look so happy when you're farming," wrote one viewer.

Another impressed follower said: "Loveee the tats."

A third person told the farmer that she was "looking fantastic."

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