We’re gym girls – men always make the same rude comments to us when we work out in crop tops, it’s exhausting | The Sun

THESE gym girls have complained about men who always make the same impolite comments to them when they work out in crop tops.

While going to the gym should be the time to focus on yourself, there may always be people with lingering eyes and inappropriate remarks.

Two gym fans exposed the rude comments men make when they exercise wearing crop tops and revealed how exhausted it makes them.

The women pride themselves on their ability to showcase their healthy and well-balanced life on their YouTube channel Julieandcamilla.

They're also known to be honest and spread awareness on common issues women share.

Julie and Camilla open up about their gym experiences and explain how they're constantly trolled by men when wearing their workout outfits, in a recent video.

Camilla wore a two-piece brown exercise set in the video.

The bottoms are semi-short spandex, and the top is a sports bra.

"Bro check out her butt," the first rude comment read in screen text.

"That's the flattest thing I've ever seen."

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Camilla stops raising the dumbbell over her head and turns her face to the camera.

"She's just like the bros that skip leg day," the screen text reads.

Julie is then shown sitting on a bench eating a banana.

The screen text reads: "Hi girlie, what diet are you on?"

Julie looks up and begins mimicking her typical answer – she's not on one.

However, before she has a chance to finish her sentence, people usually cut her off and say: "I know a great way to lose 10 pounds in like a week."

"You'll feel so confident, I swear."

Julie then looks down at her feet in disappointment and embarrassment.


The camera moves over to Camilla working out in her sports bra again.

She makes eye contact with a man and quickly puts on her shirt to avoid his continued stare.

"Hey beautiful, can I have your number?" the screen text reads as Julie minds her business on the treadmill.

"I'm not interested," she answers.

The screen text reads: "Do you have a boyfriend?"

And once again, Julie usually has to repeat: "I'm not interested."

"No need to be such a b**** about it like humble yourself," the screen text reads. "If you were skinny, you'd still be a five."

Julie quickly looks away, feeling the sting of such a mean comment.

Viewers commented on this shared gym experience.

"And that's why I loved the ladies-only area in my gym. A separate area with real walls only for women," one honest woman wrote.

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Another individual said: "I usually just say nothing and let them embarrass themselves."

"Sadly, this is so true," a third viewer admitted. "I don't go to the gym, yet I have heard my sister talk about this stuff."

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