I'm a cleaning expert – the unexpected product you can use to clean your WHOLE home… and its costs less than 56p | The Sun

WITH all the different cleaning products on the market at the moment it can be easy to get confused. 

Trying to find all the products you may need to clean a home can send your weekly grocery bill soaring. 

But it turns out most of those products on the cleaning shelves are all fancy labels and have no substance. 

We spoke to cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie also known as the 'Queen of Clean' to learn the different areas in your home you can clean with just one product…washing up liquid. 

You may recognise Lynsey from the show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, after growing an Instagram following online she is now an author of four best selling cleaning books. 

She said: “If I could only have one cleaning product in my cleaning cupboard it would most definitely be washing up liquid. It’s really inexpensive, antibacterial, cuts through grease and grim, shines up and smells fabulous.”

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“There are so many amazing uses for washing up liquid, it is a degreaser, cleaning, and stain remover all-in-one. It costs pennies and is super effective.”

And yes, we've done the research at the moment Asda have one of the cheapest washing up liquids on the market with one selling for just 55p.

Multi-purpose Cleaner 

Everyone should have a decent multi-purpose cleaner in their homes and you actually make one from washing up liquid. 

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Lynsey says: “Mix a drop of washing up liquid with water for a perfect multipurpose cleaner which you can use in your kitchen to degrease kitchen cabinets and surfaces and your hob, splash back and oven.”


Although there are plenty of floor cleaning products on the market you don’t actually need them. 


Lynsey explains washing up liquid will work just as well providing you have a decent mop and bucket. 

She said: “You don’t always need a fancy product to clean your floor, washing up liquid and warm water makes a perfect solution for your mop. Don’t overuse as too much can cause streaks so a drop into a bucket is all you need.”

Toilet bowl and surround 

No one ever enjoys cleaning their toilet but grabbing some washing up liquid can make it was easier plus you can get in and around your toilet with one product 

Lyndsey says: "If you ever run out of toilet bleach just run a line of washing up around the bowl and scrub in with your toilet brush to clean up the internal pan, and then to wipe around the outside and underneath mix with water and scrub away.”

Shower screens  

Shower screens are notoriously hard to clean. But you don’t need to break the bank on pricey cleaning products to get yours to sparkle. 

Lynsey says: “Pop into a dish brush with water and scrub your shower screen, if you suffer with hard water and limescale leave it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing away and buffing dry.”

Pet bowls  

Pet owners will be pleased to know that washing up liquid can be used on pet bowls the same way it can with regular. 

Lynsey explained: “Washing up liquid is safe to use on pet bowls and mats.”


Many of us may be digging out our old vases this summer with lovely flowers in bloom. 

But when you store vases up and out of sight they have a unique way of building up dust, washing up liquid will sort that right out. 

Lynsey says: “Soak your vases with warm water and a drop of washing up liquid.”

Fresh stains on carpets 

Anyone with carpet owner will understand the dread you feel when you see a food or drink spill on your precious rug but some washing up liquid can save the day. 

Lynsey says: “Put a small amount directly onto the stain and let it sit for 10/15 minutes, rub with your fingers and then just pop in the wash as normal.”

Hand wash delicates 

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Most of us use the same products to hand wash clothes as we do when using a washing machine. But there actually isn’t much difference between a laundry pot and washing up liquid. 

Lynsey explains: “[Provided you are not allergic], You can use it with warm water to delicately wash your clothes.  If you are self-catering on holiday, take some. It cannot only wash your dishes but freshen up your swimwear too!"