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A SAVVY homeowner and cleaning guru has shared a simple no-scrub hack that will keep your toilet looking pristine and free of any nasty odours.

Scrubbing toilets is one of the most unpleasant household chores most of us avoid like the plague – but what if there was a way to do it less frequently?

While there are plenty of products in the market, one homeowner has shared an even better way to prevent grim limescale and nasty odours – and you won't have to touch the bowl at all, The Express reported.

The genius cleaning hack calls for one staple ingredient – and it's probably already sitting in your bathroom.

According to the whizz, who goes by the name “simple & fast” on YouTube, all you need is some white toothpaste with baking soda as an active ingredient.

In the viral video, the woman grabbed a needle and proceeded to make small holes in the red Colgate tube.

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Once the holes have been pierced all over the packaging, the cleaning guru removed the film covering the lid of the toothpaste and placed the cap back on.

Armed with a pair of scissors, the next step is to cut a small section from the corner of the end of the tube – this will expose the paste.

After preparing the tube for the genius hack, take off the lid from the tank of your toilet and put the tube at the bottom of the basin.

Sharing the trick, the YouTuber explained that toothpaste is naturally cleansing.

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She said: “Toothpaste is antibacterial in addition to providing freshness and removing yellow stains.”

Although it may sound impossible for the product to come out without the tube being squeezed by hand, the whizz claimed that the pressure of the water is enough to do this whenever the toilet is flushed.

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The account holder pointed out that the pressure pushes the paste into the tank which is then flushed into the bowl.

When this happens, the minty essence is “gradually released” into the water, filling the room with a fresh scent.

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The baking soda-infused toothpaste also is said to leaves the porcelain surface free from gross stains and stubborn limescale residue.

According to the cleaning enthusiast, one tube should last for a month before you need to replace it.

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