I’m a country girl and mom-of-five – I’m proud of how I can back a trailer, people say it ‘bumps me up’ in their books | The Sun

A COUNTRY mom has shared a skill she possesses that makes her proud of her upbringing and proud to be a farm girl.

She showed off her personality in a video that led people to say her ability to back up a trailer "bumps her up" in their books.

Susan Yoder (@susanyoder8) is a proud country girl based in Oklahoma who sells farms and ranches.

The mom-of-five showcases her charisma in many of her TikTok videos and makes it a point to keep it real.

In one of her videos, she revealed one of her favorite qualities about herself that makes her proud to be born and raised on a farm.

Not many people can back up a trailer, but Susan can do it with ease.

For the duration of the video, she sat in her car and spoke to the camera, visible from the neck up.

Her blonde hair was disheveled around her face, and her mauve turtleneck sweater peeked out from under her black jacket.

"Yes, my hair is a mess, but I don't really care because I am very grateful for my upbringing and that, as a farm girl, I was taught how to back a trailer," she said at the start of the video.

She added that the skill is useful for situations like when you're out on a hunting pasture or something similar and there are streets to back around.

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"When there's people watching you, not gonna lie, it makes me step up my game," she said.

Her video resonated with many people who shared supportive comments.

"Sounds like the way I taught my girls, to be great at what they do," a viewer commented.

"Well I think you're a little darlin', and if you can back a stock trailer, hey that's gonna bump you up in my book," a fan praised.

"Yes, I love a real lady. There are not enough real ladies anymore," another chimed in.

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