I’m a fashion pro & I tried the $9 ‘liquid tape’ which stops your dress from riding up – I was shocked by the results | The Sun

WARDROBE malfunctions are every woman's worst nightmare, but one fashion pro has shared her secret to keeping her dress in place.

Influencer Nicole Fay took to her TikTok account to share her grievances about dresses that ride up and her $9 solution.

"I literally put on this dress this morning and I've already been annoyed about how many times I have had to pull this dress down," Fay complained as she adjusted her little black dress.

She uses "liquid fashion tape" by Hollywood Fashion Secrets, which retails on Ulta for an affordable $8.99.

The product is the liquid version of the popular original fashion tape product, a double-sided tape used for fashion fixes.

"Yeah, I've been influenced, I bought it," said Fay as she held the small one-ounce tube up to the camera.

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Fay applied the product to her outer thigh where she wanted the dress to stick and then held the dress in place.

For the moment of truth, Fay tested out the adhesion as she jumped up and down with her arms over her head, sat down and stood up, and finally strutted around her living room with a purpose.

"My dress is literally not moving. Go get it," Fay asserted.

Viewers had questions about the seemingly miraculous product.

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One commenter asked Fay how the liquid adhesive comes off of the skin.

"I had to wipe it off with a towel but it left a weird tacky feeling on my leg," Fay replied.

However, the liquid adhesive did not come without its faults.

In a video update, Fay addressed her followers to set the record straight on her final verdict.

"If I were to rate this product, I would rate it a seven out of ten," she said.

Fay said that the product lost its tackiness when exposed to heat and moisture such as high temperatures and sweat.

"It held for two hours, so I guess it's enough," Fay concluded.

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