I work in a nursery & hate when parents do certain things – like dressing their kids in clothes that 'can't get dirty' | The Sun

A NURSERY worker has revealed the things she hates the most about her job – with parents dressing their children in clothes that "can't get dirty" top of the list.

Katie Cardlee took to her TikTok page to share a video detailing "things I hate as a nursery practitioner".

"Pull ups on babies," she wrote, before bemoaning "dungarees with no buttons" and "high top Converse".

"Clothes that 'can't get dirty'," Katie continued.

Likewise, she isn't a fan of people who don't put spare clothes in their child's nursery bag – for an occasion they might need it.

While "sending a child in who is really poorly" is another thing she can't stand.

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In the comments section, other people who work in the field revealed their own pet peeves, with one writing: "My pet hate used to be when parents sent kids who were still learning to use the toilet in skinny jeans.

"Kids can’t get them down in time = accidents."

"Parents that sit in the car park until literally 1min before closing then want a long chat," another added.

"Leave your car 5mins earlier."

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"No names on anything and then moan when something gets left behind!" a third commented.

"We can't remember every single item that a child wears each day."

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As another wrote: "Sending them in in a FULL NAPPY – and I mean where it’s blatantly sagging and they don’t explain."

"I’m an ex nursery nurse and a parent I totally agree with all of these," someone else concurred.

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