I’m a female builder – I don’t have a boyfriend because 'no one likes me,' but men say I'm 'beautiful' in work clothes | The Sun

A FEMALE builder has lamented not having a partner, but her followers have rushed to reassure her.

She took to her TikTok account and posed a question regarding her relationship status.

TikToker Sckviltana (@user5886139157690) will likely be heartened by the responses to her post.

The 27-year-old is a rarity in construction, as it remains a male-dominated field.

But women are beginning to break through in trades.

Sckviltana is part of a small, but growing trend of women blazing a path.

But she has felt that being a lone woman on a building site has made it harder to date guys.

"I’m a builder," she said, "but guys think I’m weird because of my job."

She continued in her post: "I don’t have a boyfriend because no one likes me."

This young construction worker looked very comfortable in her workplace.

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She wore standard work clothes, including trousers with multiple pockets, and work boots.

The only concession to her work uniform was a black, midriff-baring top.

As she preened before the camera, she asked: “Does anyone think I’m beautiful?”

Judging by the comments to her post, there was no question about this young builder's looks.

“You are very beautiful," said one fan.

Another said: “Absolutely gorgeous.”

One follower had a proposal: “Perfect so we can build our house together," he suggested.

Finally, forget about girlfriend material – one guy went even further: “Wife material," was his opinion.

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