I’m on the way to getting my dream nose but no one prepared me for how savage surgery is – I feel like I’m drowning | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan who forked out for rhinoplasty has shared the savage aspects of her surgery that nobody warned her about.

Marilyn, who posts on TikTok as @flaminhotmayo, shared a very honest account of her recovery online, revealing it was definitely tougher than she'd imagined.

Marilyn, believed to be from the US, told her followers everythingshe wished she had been made aware of before the brutal surgery.

Documenting the journey on TikTok, she told her fellow beauty lovers that at times it felt as if she was drowning.

''No amount of pineapple or any kind of anti-bruising stuff could've prepared me for this amount of bruising,'' she showed her new face in the video taken just seven hours after the procedure.

''I have tried so hard to prevent this.''

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Whilst she wasn't as bothered about the bright purple patches all over her face, Marilyn said she couldn't deal with how much her eyes were watering.

''I cannot stop it. It feels like there is hair in my eyes and I don't know what's going on.

''No amount of painkiller is stopping the irritation for this eye because it is not pain. It is purely irritation.''

To make matters worse, there was also severe swelling, one that made her look like a character from the hit movie Avatar.

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The woman went on to add: ''Nobody told me I would not be able to drink through a straw.

''The way I almost drowned trying to drink through a straw… It's actually unreal,'' she told her 3.1k fans on the app.

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''Nobody even prepared me for just taking a gulp of any fluid. The way I can feel it bubbling in my nose for some weird reason.

''I can hear it too – that's also not great.''

According to Marilyn, the surgery itself was petrifying too – at some point, the young woman felt so suffocated, she was convinced she was going to die.

After waking up from the anaesthesia, she told the surgeons how anxious she was.

''I literally told them 'I'm scared, I'm scared, […] I can't breathe'.

''Absolutely terrifying.

''The amount of fear gasping for air.''

Despite the mortifying journey, Marilyn reminded that each person is different and a lot of it could be down to genetics.

Hearing her experience, fellow beauty fans flocked to comments to share their thoughts, wishing for a speedy recovery.

One wrote: ''The first three days after rhino are so rough. I hope it gets better soon.''

Someone else added: ''You're so brave. Thank you so much for sharingyour story.''

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''ALL OF THIS! the watery eyes was literally the worst part. 1000000% worth it though,'' a plastic surgery lover reckoned.

''Damn! Mine wasn't that bad,'' another penned.

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