I'm a fit gym girl – I got dress-coded at work because my tight shorts distracted all the young men but I don’t care | The Sun

A GYM bunny has revealed how she gets dress-coded at work because her tight shorts "distract young men".

Aubrey Formica shares her fitness tips and workout videos with thousands of fans online.

But the fitness fanatic, who has 426,000 followers on TikTok, said she gets told her tight gym shorts and toned physique distract men in the gym.

In a TikTok video, she hit back at the "Karens" blasting her for her outfit choices.

She captioned the video: "Karen brought her son in this time."

In the clip, she shows off her gym outfit – a pair of tight navy blue shorts and a red hoodie – with the caption: "Me walking to the gym wearing shorts again."

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She then cuts to footage of her wearing a grey zip-up jumper, with the caption: "Karen complaining because there are 'young men around'."

Her fans all said the same thing in response – with many supporting her outfit choices.

"It’s sad that people are so selfish and they have no consideration for anyone else," one fan said.

Another commented: "Well you look incredible."

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Others reassured her that the young men in the gym would not be complaining about her look.

One said: "As young men, we do not mind."

Another wrote: "Pretty sure the young men are not complaining."

A third commented: "Nobody listens to Karen anyway, we support your short wearing."

And many were impressed by the look – and wanted to know where the shorts were from.

One fan wrote: "Not me running to Amazon to immediately but these shorts."

A second said: "I love your style."

Aubrey uses her TikTok and Instagram to share fitness and beauty content, keeping fans up to date with her routines.

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