I'm a gardening expert and this simple hack will get rid of weeds without doing damage to the environment

WEEDS can ruin a perfectly pruned garden.

But most weed removers contain loads of harsh chemicals that are bad for wildlife and other plants.

Daisy Payne is ITV'S This Morning's gardening expert and recently shared some of her best tips to get rid of pesky weeds easily.

"It’s really important that you don’t use pesticides in your garden," The green fingered pro shared.

"It’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for the wildlife, and the eco-systems you’re supporting in your garden.

"One of my preferred options is a really organic way, which is the no-dig method.

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I’m a gardening expert & hack will stop weeds from springing up again next year

I’m a gardening pro – here’s my easy hack to stop weeds growing

"This is perfect for if you’ve got a really big space or a veg patch, and there are lots of weeds popping up," she explained.

The clever hack is budget friendly too, Daisy says: "You get yourself some layers of cardboard, place it down over the weedy area, make sure it’s firm down, plenty of layers."

The carboard trick works especially well on large areas, since it take out the hard work of pulling up weeds one by one.

It works so well because the carboard stops light and vital nutrients reaching the weeds, meaning they can't thrive.

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If you've got no carboard laying around a bin bag will work in a similar way, but cardboard is better for the environment, since it will eventually decompose on its own.

There are also some tools the pro recommended every gardener should have in their arsenal.

A simple garden hoe will get rid of weeds at the root, making it harder for them to come back.

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Hoes can also be used to rid your garden of pesky perennial weeds, which can be the hardest to remove.

"They're the ones you really want to get rid of," Daisy explained.

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