I'm a gardening whizz – the three jobs you should be doing in February to ensure you’ve got a lush green space by Spring | The Sun

IT MIGHT still feel like the middle of winter outside, but Spring is right around the corner.

But if you want your garden to thrive there are a few jobs you need to get done this February.

William Mitchell from Sutton Manor Nursery revealed exactly what you need to be doing right now to make sure your garden looks lush.

“Staying up-to-date and on top of your gardening jobs is essential for a healthy and successful garden," he explained.

That means you should be keeping on top of gardening jobs year round – not just when it's sunny.

Prune flowering shrubs

If your winter shrubs have finished flowing that means it's time to prune them.


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This should "encourage strong, healthy shoots and improve flowering," William explained.

It will also prolong their lifespan and gives them a chance to develop before flowering again.

Remove perennial weeds

Weeds are every gardener's worst enemy – so killing them is a vital step this time of year.

“Hoeing and mulching can control most annual weeds, but perennials tend to grow fast and strong, so a little more effort is required to eradicate them," the pro explained.

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You can remove these weeds by simply forking them out, making sure all the roots are removed, or use a mulch to suppress their growth.

Prepare for seed beds

It's easy to forget about your seed beds when preparing your garden for Spring, but the gardening pro explained why it's import to keep them in top condition.

Fork the soil to a "shallow depth" and "dig and prepare a new bed if it has never been used to grow plants before."

This will help you grow healthier vegetables later on in the year, but getting them ready now is key.

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