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A HOOTERS girl has lifted the lid on how much she can earn in tips over the space of a week – and it’s pretty impressive. 

TikToker and self-proclaimed Hooters girl @ultimatebykomi went through her working week day by day and shared when the big tippers usually come in. 

In the clip, the Hooters girl explained to her followers: “So a few of you guys said you wanted to see how much I make in a week at Hooters.”

The waitress then filmed herself on each day, starting with Monday through to Sunday.

She continued: “We’re starting off on a Monday. Mondays are usually bad, [but] today I did pretty [well].”

The Hooters girl then counted out her cash, revealing she had made a whopping $309 in just one afternoon.

She continued: “That’s rare, I don’t even usually break $300 ever.”

She added: “I worked 11am – 5pm, so averaging out $51 dollars an hour, I think.”

The social media user then explained that she had had Tuesday and Wednesday off on the week she was testing out how much she could make – returning to work on Thursday.

The restaurant worker went on to say: “I worked from 4pm until close, which is 12, but I stopped waiting tables at 11pm, so this is a 7-hour shift.”

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After she had finished counting out her money, the Hooters girl unveiled her tidy profit – $243, which averaged to $35 an hour. 

Up next was one of the restaurant’s most popular nights across the board – Friday. 

She explained: “I worked a 9-hour shift, 4pm – 1am and this is how much I made.”

As she went through her tip bag, she added: “$333, baby! That averages out at $37 an hour.”

However, the rest of the weekend failed to reach the heights of the Friday night shift.

Instead, Saturday night – which just so happened to be New Year’s Eve – only saw around six tables of diners for about four hours. 

She continued: “I just got home and it’s 11.45pm and I made… $86. 

“So that’s the reality of it – not as good as the other days, but it’s alright.”

Meanwhile, the “slow” Sunday morning shift brought about another lower figure of $59. 

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After she added it all up, the waitress revealed: “So this week was $1,030.

“I normally would probably make $600 – $700 a week but serving has its ups and downs, and this is definitely an up week.”

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