I'm a Loungewear Pro, and This $20 Vintage Sweatshirt From Old Navy Is Seriously the Best I Own

Vintage Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

I have an entire area of my closet dedicated to hoodies. This isn’t a new obsession of mine, but rather one that I’ve been cultivating since high school. It consists of threadbare old-school crewnecks I (smartly) stole from my parents and college-basketball hoodies that were always enormous on me. But one recent sweatshirt purchase has forced me to completely ignore my entire collection.

I found this Vintage Crew-Neck Sweatshirt ($20, originally $35) at Old Navy and it’s the softest crewneck sweatshirt I own, and I’m talking about the inside and the outside. Though the temperatures outside have been sweltering, every single time I’ve felt so much as a breeze in the air I’ve reached for it (no exaggeration). It comes in 11 shades but I bought it in the electric Red All About It color and so far I’ve worn it with my loungewear shorts and paper-bag high-waisted denim shorts, and in the fall I plan to wear it with fun printed leggings. My style motto as of late has been to only wear pieces that truly make me feel great when I put them on, and that’s exactly how this sweatshirt makes me feel. Lucky me Old Navy also sells matching jogger pants ($22, originally $30), and you know I’m planning to scoop those up.

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