I'm a master gardener – the TikTok hacks that are 'really bad advice,' they can wreak havoc on your soil | The Sun

TIKTOK is bursting with tips and tricks that can make your life easier — but just because someone posts it doesn't mean it's worth listening to.

When it comes to growing your garden, one expert says that there's some pretty terrible advice on social media.

Gingham Gardens founder Joanna VonBergen has been gardening for as long as she can remember and tells The U.S. Sun that people should be wary of what's on their For You Page or Instagram feed.

"There are so many social media tricks and/or hacks that are really bad advice," she warned.

"I especially dislike homemade pest control remedies, or remedies to control weeds.

"They are often touted as "organic" when they aren't organic at all and they don't work, or they wreak havoc on your soil and environment.

"My suggestion is to steer clear of gardening advice you find on social media unless it's from a reputable gardening site that is just about gardening," VonBergen said.

"It's also a good practice to get your information from your local Master Gardener extension."

VonBergen also warned against working on your garden too soon in the spring.

"Honestly, it is best to just be patient a little longer and not disturb garden beds at all just yet," the Minnesotan urged.

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"If you start cleaning up your garden too early, you can do more harm than good."

Another mistake is getting overzealous about planting at the beginning of the season.

"One of the biggest gardening mistakes that I see with gardeners is we get all excited and overzealous when spring comes and we plant a huge garden that is hard to maintain in the heat of summer," she said.

"The weeds take over and plants die," she added.

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